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International Assessment Network, Inc. (IAN), a wholly owned subsidiary of ZH Computer, Inc., has the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and market the Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP). MAPP is a proven Internet-enabled assessment instrument that measures any individualís motivation in terms of occupational and vocational interest. IANís major focus is the deployment of MAPP using the Internet through three major channels.

For Individuals:

IAN offers MAPP to individuals as a detailed and powerful career-planning tool that does not require interpretation by a psychologist or career expert.

For Organizations:

IAN offers MAPPMatch which creates characteristic profiles for job positions which allows organizations to match individuals to job positions based on their motivational preferences.

For Educational Markets:

MAPP is marketed to the K-12 public schools as a school-to-work curriculum.

For Workforce Development:

MAPP is marketed to private and public institutions to empower life changes for adults in transition.

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