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DARTECH, Inc. under the DART brand, is devoted to developing, designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and supporting DART® digital audio recording and restoration software products.

The company was formed in 1994 and has continued to expand its product line, markets and distribution. DART sells software through a variety of channels including the Internet and wholesale distribution, to audio professionals and consumer markets.

DART products have three primary capabilities:

DART PRO: Advanced Digital Audio Restoration Technology for professionals and prosumers. DART Pro has ability to remove unwanted noise, clicks, pops and hum from any audio media such as records and tapes. Dubbed "legendary" by audio professionals and audio enthusiasts alike for digital re-mastering and saving music.

DART CD-Recorder: Easy to use software for creating high quality music CDs from a wide variety of popular music sources including MP3 files and Audio CDs. CD Recorder 4.0 has the ability to assemble a group of songs into playlists and record them on a CD.

DART KARAOKE Studio: The first of it’s kind, complete audio and graphics program to create custom Karaoke on home computers. DART Karaoke Studio has the ability to remove voice or instrument melodies from music, leaving only the background music.

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